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C R E T E   -   West Crete  -  Chania    City of Chania

The City of Chania Old Town, Harbour, Lighthouse, Fortress, Arsenals, City wall, Churches, Market hall, Parks, Museums.


Chania                               Chania                               Chania                              Chania                               Chania                              Old Town



Old Town                           Old Town                         Old Town                          Cathedral                          Old Town                          Old Town



Tavern                         Old Town                    Old Town                    Old Town                    Old Town                    Tavern                         Tavern



Hotel                            Hotel                            Hotel                            Hotel                            Old Town                     Old Town                      Old Town



Hotel                                  Tavern                               Tavern                               Tavern                              Navy Museum                  Harbour



Lighthouse                       Lighthouse                       Harbour                            Harbour                            Navy Museum                  Harbour



Lighthouse                 Lighthouse                 Lighthouse               Lighthouse                  Fortress                      Fortress                       Fortress



Fortress                            Fortress                            Fortress                           Lighthouse                       Harbour                            Mosque



Harbour                             Harbour                            Fountain                           Harbour                             Harbour                             Harbour



Harbour                             Harbour                            Harbour                            Harbour                             Harbour                             Harbour



Harbour                             Harbour                            Harbour                            Harbour                             Harbour                            Harbour



Harbour                             Harbour                            Harbour                            Harbour                             Harbour                            Harbour



Harbour                             Yacht harbour                 Yacht harbour                 Yacht harbour                 Yacht harbour                 Arsenals



Fisher harbour                Harbour wall                    Fisher harbour                Harbour wall                    Harbour wall                   Harbour wall



Lighthouse                       Yacht harbour                 Harbour                            Harbour                            Harbour                             Old Town



Harbour wall              Yacht harbour           Fisher harbour          Fisher harbour          Old Town                    Old Town                    Old Town      



Old Town                           Old Town                          Old Town                          Old Town                         Museum                           Cathedral  



Cathedral                    Cathedral                   Cathedral                   Cathedral                    Old Town                    Museum                      Church



City wall                             City wall                            Archaeological site       Archaeological site       Koum Kapi                       Koum Kapi



Koum Kapi                       Koum Kapi                        Koum Kapi                       Koum Kapi                        Bastion                             Bastion



Bastion                              Bastion                             Bastion                              City wall                            City wall                            Bastion



Market hall                       Market hall                       Market hall                      Market hall                       Market hall                       Market hall



Parkanlage                      Brunnen                            City park                           City park                           City park                           Mountain goat



Statue                          Park                            Clock tower               Monastery ruin          Chalepa                      Chalepa                      Chalepa



Chalepa                            Avenue                              Prefecture                          Prefecture                     Bank                                  Bank                     



Hotel                                  Nea Chora                            Nea Chora                  Splantzia                     Nikiforiana                 Lighthouse



Harbour                             Harbour                            Harbour                             Harbour                            Harbour                            Lighthouse        



Prefecture                        Market hall                       Cathedral                          Arsenal                            Harbour                            Harbour 



Harbour                             Harbour                            Harbour                             Chania                              Chania                               Chania

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