ARGO  Café Taverna   -   Skoufon Str. 39   -   Chania (Altstadt)   -   Tel. 28210 02910

ARGO cafe taverna is a family restaurant, daily open from the mornings until late at night all year, summer and winter.
We provide traditional Greek and Cretan food with fresh vegetables, meat and fish, mainly products of the Cretan island ...

... with specialities in vegetarian food as:

- Boureki (a pie made from zucchini, potatoes and

 special cheese that you can only find in Chania)

- Gemista (tomatoes and paprika stuffed with rice

 and various herbs from Cretan earth)

- Imam (aubergines stuffed with various vegetables

 and cheese on the top)

All pasta dishes, Greek pizza and soups.

Breakfast, coffee and snacks.

Do not miss to try our main dishes as:

- Moussaka (one of our best dishes)

- Stifado (beef with onions and tomato sauce)

- Tsigariasto (lamb, traditional Cretan meal)

- Kleftiko (lamb, traditional Cretan meal)

Our daily local dishes as:

- Briam (special meal with various vegetables cooked in special way)

- Exochiko (pork with vegetables cooked in a special way)

- Snails.

Our traditional grilled dishes:

- Chicken filet

- Pork steak

- Chicken souvlaki

- Pork souvlaki

- Beef burgers (one of the best)

- Lamb burgers (very spicy)

- Mixed grill (a really special

dish for 2 persons)

 Fishes are our specialities:
- Saganaki prawns
- Fresh Kalamari (fried or grilled)
- Octopus (grilled)
- Sardines (grilled or fried)
- Dorado (grilled)
- Mixed fish plate, which contains: Dorado, Sardines, grilled snails, fried fish, Octopus, Kalamari, prawns and mussels (a very special dish for 2 persons)
- Mixed rice (a very spicy and tasty dish with prawns and mussels)
- fish soup and fisherman soup (under pre-order, but it worth is)

Our traditional Greek appetizers are:
- Garlic bread, Tzatziki, Taramosalata, Fava, Dakos, Bougiourdi, wine leaves, cheese croquettes, zucchini croquettes, meat balls, mixed grill or fried vegetables, traditional sausages, butter beans, bekri meze, cheese and spinach pies.

Various kinds of salads as:
Greek salad, Cretan salad, season salad, tuna salad, Caesar salad, and of course our speciality ARGO salad, which contains all Greek salads, smoked porkcheese and a lot more flavours.

Drinks and aperitifs, red or white house wine, ouzo and tsikoudia (raki).

ARGO  Café Taverna   -   Skoufon Str. 39   -   Chania (Altstadt)   -   Tel. 28210 02910