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Discover the pleasure

of professional wine tasting

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We welcome you at the Wine cellar - Delicatessen MIDEN AGAN Chania - Crete.

Three generations of history in the production and commerce of wine, above 1100 selected labels but also selected wine from our barrels, continuously informed and carefully maintained wine cellar, unique products of flavour from all over the world, dynamic and modern enterprising spirit.

MIDEN AGAN was established in Chania of Crete, in October 2001, making reality the vision of householder Maria Andronidou Tzompanaki for a particular space dedicated in the culture of wine and the flavours and enjoyments that accompany it. Beyond a healthy enterprise remain the idea, the way of life and one polite discreet presence. The MIDEN AGAN shop is interwoven with qualities that are not blunted by time, on the contrary - as the good wine - they mature and are transubstantiated in something that all wish to try. We manage to deliver accessible and comprehensible unique products and services to our customers, with responsibility and reliability.

Today, awarding your interest and your confidence, MIDEN AGAN personally introduce you the preferential card of the Wine Club Inofili Chanion bearing our name and our prestige. A card that entitles you to unique privileges and benefits of products and services, all over the Greece. We thank you and wish you always good health and desire to enjoy life.

In the MIDEN AGAN Wine Store the wine is nothing in Excess.

Each season of the year we offer special fresh products of the season, like for example natural home made jams and bisquits. 

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Discover the pleasure of professional wine tasting:

We offer you 3 different kinds of professional wine tasting, from 4 to 8 different varieties (labels) of bottled Cretan wines that contain native varieties, or their combination with international varieties, produced locally. Learn about these varieties, their producing regions, as well as their aroma, color, taste and suggested food combinations.

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Get also detailed info about these varieties that are natively grown and vinified in Crete.

Learn about the correct way to taste a wine and how to expertly recognize its aroma, colour and taste as well as all the island's classification zones.





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